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We reviewed the top Bitcoin casino and crypto gambling sites based on range of games, software providers, safety, bonuses, VIP promos and more.


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Best Bitcoin Casinos

bitcoin casinos

On our website you will find Best bitcoin casinos list, we have only verified and trusted casinos.

Bitcoin has clearly shown over the past few years what the world’s future currency should be. Its advantages (along with other crypto-currencies) gradually lead to the fact that it can bring out the current monetary system out of the circulation in the near future.

This is a bold forecast, but one important thing is obvious right now: Bitcoin has already made our life more convenient. It’s no surprise that number of Bitcoins casinos grow constantly along with its price rise. And they are surely gaining popularity among fans of web casinos for ordinary money, because this type of web casinos have lots of unique preferences.

So, what is Bitcoin casino?

Everything is very simple in fact: it is an ordinary Internet casino that uses Bitcoin to do financial operations of money input/output (as a working currency). At the moment we can find both pure Bitcoin sites and universal ones (both types of money available to use).

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The game model of Bitcoin casino as a whole does not differ from any ordinary web casino.

Why is Bitcoin casino becoming more popular?

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The main advantage is anonymity of fund flows. You don’t need to leave your personal data (including financial data of payment cards) in Internet during the input and output operations. Thus, you are initially protected from hacking.

Also, lots of best bitcoin casinos sites do not charge commissions for financial operations and do not limit their number within a day or other marked period of time. There are no such advantages for euros, US dollars etc. The free nature of Bitcoin and crypto currencies in general allows every person on the planet to feel free in the world of Internet casinos. This also applies to residents of those countries whose legislation prohibits such activities. For example, we are talking about the US laws.

There is no regulation mandatory for traditional web casinos, which are seeking to be widely known. They need to provide data on payments on demand, and watch Bitcoin movement is not so easy. It is difficult to follow the best Bitcoin casino at the global level, but here you can play and win fairly.

They say that the birth of Bitcoin casino increased its movement in several times. This means a large scale of the phenomenon the best. Bitcoin projects deserve attention of all progressive gamblers.

We want to give you as much as possible useful information about the popular Bitcoin casinos. Welcome to our website, where you can find answers to all questions!

Now that most economies across the globe subscribe to crypto exchange, coins are gradually being introduced in different industries as trading means instead of cash. The gambling industry is one of such sectors of the economy, embracing crypto as a payment means in their operations.

Today, several crypto gambling sites across the globe use popular coins in place of cash. Although there are usually several coin options on crypto casinos, most users prefer bitcoin over others due to its popularity.

Since there are many bitcoin casinos available now, It is usually a hassle for gamblers to select one. As such, many end up opening several accounts across platforms and are most of the time unlucky with their choices.

To save you the stress of going through countless sites, we have compiled a list of the top bitcoin casino sites available across counties. This article also contains a guide to choosing the best bitcoin gambling sites and every basic thing you need to know about bitcoin casinos.

What Is The Best Bitcoin Casino?

what is the best

There are many great or Best Bitcoin casinos casinos today offering their users good betting conditions. Because of that, it is hard to pick the overall best among the casinos accepting bitcoin. However, there are reasons why users choose some bitcoin casinos over others.

Some of those features that help bitcoin casino sites rank among the best include;

  • Simple interface: One of the reasons why users choose some bitcoin betting casinos is their slick website and simple operations. A crypto casino must have a comprehensive interface that users can grasp easily without much help.
  • Good customer support: You simply cannot ignore the importance of having active customer support to attend to your issues. Users have problems once in a while and rely on customer service to solve them. A great support system usually prompts users to leave good reviews for the bitcoin gambling sites.
  • Easy deposit and withdrawal procedure: Some bitcoin casino sites make life easier for their users by making the deposit and withdrawal process possible in a few clicks. However, some make customers go through rigorous steps to withdraw their winnings in the name of confirming their identities.
  • Attractive promos and bonuses: One of the first things that attract prospects to open accounts with bitcoin casinos is their initial deposit bonus. Attractive bonuses catch users’ attention easily and even cause them to spread words about the gambling site. They also enjoy regular promos that come in now and then.
  • Varieties of games: Gamblers love sites that offer them an array of games to pick from, and that is why they go for those that do not restrict them.

Advantages Of Playing Bitcoin Casino Games


Bitcoin casinos offer their users more than just flexibility. There are also many other benefits of using bitcoin to gamble. Some of those advantages include:

  • Security: Gambling on bitcoin casinos does not require divulging your details. In case the data of the bitcoin casino gets compromised, your wallet is safe from hackers, unlike people who use credit or debit cards for their transactions.
  • Fast deposits and stress-free withdrawals: paying and getting paid with bitcoin has to be one of the swiftest transaction methods ever. Deposits on bitcoin casino sites reflect almost immediately, and winnings get withdrawn instantly.
  • Protects users’ identity: Some counties do not support betting or gambling via online casinos. Because of that, interested gamblers struggle to play games by using VPNs to access betting sites. However, bitcoin casinos allow you to gamble away without divulging your details, involving banks, or engaging in rigorous cover-ups.
  • Low or no fees charged: when making deposits or withdrawing bitcoin in online casinos, the sites rarely charge fees. Even if they remove charges, the payments are usually small and hardly noticeable.
  • Favorable markets: bitcoin, like almost every other coin, is volatile. That could either be to your advantage or disadvantage. Unlike cash, when the bitcoin price increases, your winnings go up too.

Cons Of Using Bitcoin To Gamble

Just as there are benefits of using bitcoin casinos, there are also drawbacks. Some of those disadvantages of using bitcoin to gamble are;

  • The volatile nature of bitcoin: Just as the fluctuating market can be profitable to bitcoin holders, so can it be disadvantageous. The bitcoin price can change anytime, which means your winning values may reduce over time.
  • Anonymity: The fact that bitcoin is hard to trace makes it easy to get away with fraud. If your coin gets intercepted while trying to withdraw or deposit, you may be unable to recover it. Also, if you open an account with a fraudulent bitcoin casino, any deposits made may be lost forever.
  • Late withdrawals: Some bitcoin casinos take time to process for security reasons, whereas withdrawing winning from some is super fast. Those casinos manually sort each winning to prevent fraud as bitcoin is untraceable.
how to choose online bitcoin casino

Using online bitcoin casinos is quite simple. First, you need to open a wallet and purchase some bitcoin. You can either buy bitcoin from legitimate crypto sites or a trusted vendor. Either way, ensure that your wallet has some bitcoin in it. After opening a wallet, pick one of the best bitcoin casinos and open an account with them.

Most gambling sites require you to deposit some bitcoin within a stipulated time to claim your bonus. Therefore, Ensure you send bitcoin from your wallet to the newly opened account to collect the tip. Your fund should reflect in your gambling balance almost immediately. You can then start gambling once you have successfully deposited it into your betting account.

There are usually varieties of games on bitcoin casinos which means you can select anyone and stake some coin to win. Ensure that you understand the rules of each gamble before playing to avoid a losing streak. Better still, go for a bitcoin casino that allows free plays. That way, you can practice a few times before playing with real coins.

Withdrawing your winnings on bitcoin casinos should be as straightforward as when you deposited. They usually require users to paste their bitcoin wallet address when withdrawing their winnings. The sites always have a withdrawal button to send the coins into your wallet in a few clicks.

How to choose the best bitcoin casino

how to use bitcoin casinos

With the availability of so many gambling sites accepting bitcoin today, it is crucial to choose one carefully. Bitcoin casinos come with various website designs, interfaces, operations, and features, that make it tough to select the most suitable one. However, the following criteria will help you choose the best online bitcoin casino without hassle;

  • Bonuses and promos

Welcoming bonuses are now like a culture for gambling sites. As such, any casino that you are considering must offer some type of bonus for your first deposit. You would be losing out on all the promos when you pick a bitcoin gambling site that does not give one. The tips are usually a percentage of the amount deposited. As such, the percentage varies across casinos. You may want to select one that has a more attractive bonus rate among the online casinos under consideration.

  • Bitcoin casino reputation

Opening an account with just any betting site is dangerous and may put you at the risk of fraudsters. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a bitcoin casino that is already known. That way, you can ensure that your transactions and games are safe. You can ascertain the reputation of a casino by checking their user reviews and mentions by legal organizations.

  • Transaction alternatives

What happens when you cannot use bitcoin to gamble at some point but need to make a wager quick? Sometimes, you may be unable to complete transactions using a particular means. That is why most online casinos do not limit the deposit option to just bitcoin. They ensure that you can use other cryptos as preferred or have issues paying with some coins. Ensure that the bitcoin casino chosen has alternative transaction methods.

  • Game options

Nobody likes to be restricted to a few game options only. Therefore, you should select the bitcoin casino with several games available to users. That way, you can keep exploring different types of games, from slots to blackjack, and increase your winning chance. Also, ensure that the game options available are worth playing. If not, you may be unable to find any fun games to play despite the numerous options.

  • Customer support

What happens when you encounter issues while operating your account on an online bitcoin casino? The easy thing to do is read common FAQs available or contact support. That said, you should ensure that any bitcoin gambling casino chosen has responsive customer service. You can ascertain that by reading the reviews left by their existing users.

  • Deposit and withdrawal

It is not enough to offer attractive welcome bonuses only. How comprehensive is the operation of the betting site? You should ensure that the casino navigation is easy and understandable. Also, ensure that the deposit and withdrawal on the online bitcoin gambling site are fast.

  • Online security

How likely is the gambling site going to be hacked? You can find that out also in the reviews left by previous and existing customers of the bitcoin casino. If the site has a recurrent history of being hacked, you should steer clear to reduce fraud risks.


It is no wonder many online casinos are embracing bitcoin and other cryptos with the way the world is shifting towards a decentralized transaction system. As a result, you can now use popular coins like bitcoin, Tron, Ethereum, Litecoin, ripple, and a host of others to gamble.

The great thing about crypto casinos is there is not much difference between operating them and using cash to gamble. You can still play your favorite slot games, blackjacks, and others as you do when using a site that accepts cash only.

Ready to start playing games in crypto casinos? Use the guide above to select the most suitable gambling sites without hassle. You can also easily pick one from our top bitcoin casinos listed earlier in this article.

Gamble responsibly!

Faqs On Best Bitcoin Casinos

bitcoin casino faq
  • What is a bitcoin casino?

Bitcoin casinos, like many other gambling sites, have an array of games that users can play to make real money. The only difference is that users use bitcoin to wager instead of cash. Most bitcoin casinos use other popular crypto options like Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tron, ripple, and so forth. As such, you have the choice to select any coin of your choice to gamble.

  • Can you use Bitcoin at a casino?

Many online casinos now use bitcoin as one of their funding options. That means you can choose bitcoin or other cryptos as your stake.

  • Are there any crypto casinos?

Yes, there are tons of casinos accepting crypto available now. The gambling sites usually include popular coins like ripple, bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Tron as funding options for their users.

  • Is Bitcoin gambling legal in the US?

Bitcoin is currently legal in the states and many other developed countries, which means you can perform any transaction using the coin. Since the US is not against gambling, you can safely use bitcoin in online casinos without breaking any laws.

  • Is gambling with Bitcoin safe?

Since transacting with bitcoin is usually mostly secure, you can gamble with it without worry. Only ensure that your gambling site is legal and trusted before opening an account with the casinos.

  • Are there any legit crypto casinos?

Yes. In fact, several crypto casinos are operating across countries. Some of them appeared on our list of top bitcoin casinos in this article. You can check them out.

  • What casinos take Bitcoin?

Many online casinos now accept bitcoin as an account funding and gambling currency. All the sites mentioned in our list of the best bitcoin casinos accept bitcoin.

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