One Dogecoin founder blocked another on Twitter

One Dogecoin founder blocked another on Twitter

Jackson Palmer reported on Twitter that he was blocked by fellow Dogecoin founder Billy Marcus.

Palmer and Marcus co-founded Dogecoin back in 2013, and the meme coin was conceived as a joke, not intended to solve any problems, including payment problems.One Dogecoin founder blocked another on Twitter

Unlike Marcus, who is known for his loyalty to Tesla CEO Ilon Musk, Palmer has been sharply critical of the billionaire. He has repeatedly called him a fraud, questioning his coding skills and claiming that the tech mogul uses cryptocurrency to boost his ego.

This guy blocked me, too, when I asked him why he was too zealous in defending Ilon Musk,” the Twitter user wrote.
Marcus himself is also critical of the crypto industry. In May, he predicted that almost all cryptocurrencies will lose value. However, unlike Palmer, who disowned Dogecoin years ago, Marcus has continued to support the coin.

Last July, Palmer tweeted a series of reports that the cryptocurrency was controlled by a powerful cartel of wealthy individuals.