Can live dealers cheat at online casinos

casino live dealer cheat

We reveal all the nuances of the game with live dealers.

Some people are not just confident, but extremely categorical about both online slot machines operating on the principle of random number generation, and the live casino (ie the casino, where the game takes place with live dealers). Since believing that the video slots (machines) on purpose deceive, and when playing at the table with a real dealer – necessarily there will be some fraud.

Other players are convinced that the game with a real dealer is, on the contrary, reliable, and eliminates the possibility of fraud. Since all manipulations of the dealer are broadcast online. The question arises – What to do, which of these two categories of users is right? And is it possible that the operator cheats to increase the profits of the gaming site?

How does the live casino work?

The hall, where the gaming equipment is installed, has cameras that broadcast the event. The player has the opportunity to hear and see the dealer who dealt the cards or work with roulette. The web interface provided by the site, allows you to make bets. The server game site receives all the information on the bets made, the fallen combinations, and numbers. Most institutions are not engaged in broadcasting from the gaming room. The casinos conclude a contract with third-party providers, which pay a certain percentage of profits or pay a fixed amount.

Cases of cheating that became known

On social networking sites and forums, often come across negative feedback from casino users. In which they say that they were the victims of fraud. To date, there is only one proven case of fraud. It happened to Michael Morgenstern, who is a professional blackjack player. In 2017, the gambler published video footage made during a session at the BetOnline site. The published footage shows the croupier pulling another card out of an elevated card in a shuffle.

The casino apologized to the player but laid all the responsibility for the incident on the provider GGL. After all, it was he who had a dubious license in Costa Rica. The casino said goodbye to the provider and started working with a more reliable provider. And the GGL provider soon stopped its activities.

casino live dealer cheating

Probable methods of fraud

There is only one proven case of fraud and it was done very carelessly. Players of online venues continue to put forward theories about possible fraudulent schemes.

Possible ways to cheat:

  • Card tampering – the cards in the deck, are placed in advance in such a way that the croupier was able to make a combination that will lead to a win. Trimming the card deck, shuffling it, or replacing it is a difficult thing to do. The player will easily notice the cheating if he watches the tape in slow motion.
  • The use of magnetic traps that are in the roulette wheel. Casino workers perform the activation of the right number, and it falls out. The method is not reliable, because the unnatural falling out of the balls – attracts attention.
  • Throwing the right number. This method implies that the dealer needs to spin the ball so that it falls into a sector or a number on which the bet was not placed. Only units will be able to pull it off. Even if an experienced dealer tries to do it, the chance of success is 2-4 correct falls out of 10.
    Substitution records for the previously made – the numbers will fall out as profitable gaming sites. This does not give a particular advantage to the site, but there is insurance against repetitive numbers and sectors. This method cannot be used at online casinos where live communication between players and dealers is supported.
  • Why live casinos do not benefit from cheating players
  • The fact is that the table providers cooperate with hundreds of sites. And so, they gain their income without using fraudulent schemes and cheating, especially if the casino has been in operation for a long time. If the provider is caught cheating, he can forget about the profits – he will simply lose his reputation and partners.

Protection against fraud

To avoid getting paid and being cheated, you need to use products supplied by licensed providers. The license itself must be issued by a regulator of impeccable reputation, such as Malta, England, Isle of Man, Gibraltar, and Kahnawake. If the license certificate was issued by the commissions of the named jurisdictions, it means that the equipment has passed the strictest inspection.

To be on the safe side, it is necessary to record the broadcasts of games, and then review them. Also, check and analyze the history of games. This will help to understand the frequency of winning combinations and whether there is a match between the actual and theoretical results.