Bitcoin slots

bitcoin slots

Bitcoin Online slots have become an indispensable part of gamblers from all around the world. It is a good and simple way to try your luck at any convenient time and place. A huge range of entertainments right at your home: a true dream for gamblers decades ago.

btc slotsBut this type of gambling also is blocked in lots of big countries and has a number of inconveniences in general. Such popular modern gabling trend, as Bitcoin slots deprived of these flaws.

Bitcoin slots make available game for Bitcoins instead of the standard currencies. You can discover it in two types of casinos: online casinos that added Bitcoin as the one of some payment options, and game sites that supports BTC for all inputs and outputs only.

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What are the main advantages of Bitcoin slots over classic online slots?

Complete anonymity

bitcoin anonymYou can’t show personal data on Internet everywhere: there are a lot of scammers and dangerous schemes of deception that will create unnecessary problems. But the data enter is a normal procedure for online casinos to confirm user’s identity.

BTC transactions can’t be tracked, and there is no need to save any data at casino’s site to do it. This ensures the purity of finance turnover, which is difficult to achieve in web gamble sites.

This means that your finances are safe: a fraudster can theoretically steal financial card data, not the Bitcoins.

No restrictions

Bitcoin is invisible, and it cannot be forbidden to use anywhere in the world. This means that players from territories with legislative restrictions (for example, the US) can play Bitcoin slots safely.

Quick transactions

One of web casinos disadvantages happens when the player has to wait for money input to inner account (he can’t start playing immediately). And he waits for winnings output even longer. These operations became almost instantaneous using Bitcoin.

No additional commissions

You don’t need to pay any commissions making Bitcoin transactions. Ordinary online casinos almost always take an extra percentage; you lose about 10%.

No need to pay taxes

BTC is not actually an official financial tool in the almost all countries of the world, so there is no need to pay taxes on winnings. This fact is also useful for Bitcoin casinos that invest additional income into development and services’ improvement.

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