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Bitcoin becomes every day an increasingly mass theme. People are beginning to use it as a means of payment more and more often. That increased user’s interest has caused the appearance of numerous Bitcoin-faucets. We’re talking about sites that pay Bitcoin to users per visit. Initially, such faucets were intended to provide users with up-to-date information about Bitcoins.

But in the future, some companies began to place their ads on these sites reward offers for visiting. It was the beginning of a new way to earn Bitcoin. Today, a large number of Bitcoin faucets are available through the web. And their number is steadily increasing directly proportional to the interest in Bitcoin, because this is the simplest way to get the crypto currency freely.

It is very important that not all of them are reliable partners for users who want to get free Bitcoins. Before start working there, you need to prove these sites’ trust. But 100% reliable faucets exist. The great example is Zebra Bictoin, which has been working for a long time and consistently pays visitors real-virtual money.

How to earn money at Zebra Bitcoin

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Users, who visited the site for the first time, will be pleased with the lack of registration. After all, most of these faucets require visitors who first came to their site to complete a mandatory registration. The entrance to Zebra Bitcoin is totally free, without any registration “problems”. All you need for the first time is to enter purse number to a special form. This wallet will be replenished for visiting the site.

And you can get satoshi (a piece of Bictoin) each hour. The average amount of payment varies within one thousand. This is not too much, but the visitor gets it for free. In addition, if you do this constantly, then by the end of the month you can collect a great amount. The process will take not so much time.

After providing wallet data, the visitor should fill in the captcha. To do this, in a special window, you must point the specific phrase and move the cursor to the Feed the Zebra button. As a result of these actions, 1000 satoshi will be added to your inner Zebra Bitcoin account.

It should be noted that the next payment can be requested not earlier than in an hour. When the total number of collected satoshi reaches five and a half thousand, you can withdraw funds to your wallet.

Zebra Bitcoin additional earnings details


As mentioned above, the minimum withdrawal amount at Zebra Bitcoin is five and a half thousand. In this case, you need to wait the night from Saturday to Sunday. This is the time of financial transactions. If a site visitor wants to get withdrawal immediately, then he should get Xapo Bitcoin wallet.

Its use allows not only to get earned satoshi immediately by request, but also removes the minimum threshold of funds available for withdraw. In addition, withdraw to other Bitcoin wallets often needs a commission. Using Xapo, it is possible to avoid such costs.

To receive satoshi directly to the wallet, you must put data is a special field. It goes without saying that before this it is necessary to get a Bitcoin purse in the Xapo system. After that, the user can start collecting satoshi. To do this, he needs to go through captcha. Results of these user’s actions is a basis of getting bonuses from 300 to 3000 satoshi. In any case, the received crypto currency goes to Xapo wallet immediately.

Why you need FaucetBOX

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Zebra Bitcoin faucet earnings are available to every user without registration. Accordingly, the earned Satosh can’t be transferred directly to any wallet, before user data has not been verified. That is why the transfer of funds occurs through a specialized resource called (here) FaucetBOX. It is an intermediate link between your Bitcoin wallet and and the site.

After each transfer, site’s administration puts a link on display. The user can click on it and make sure that the transaction was accepted. Using it, Zebra Bitcoin provides an opportunity to see wallet’s balance, as well as the payment receipt history.

FaucetBOX has already established itself as a reliable and secure system for this issue. Its working system involves connecting a certain faucet site to it. After that, its administration creates an account there to make payments. All operations take place within the same system, which ensures a high level of security.

What are the advantages of Zebra Bitcoin

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Most modern ways of earning on the Internet require initial investment. Such actions can be risky. After all, you can face scammers who simply disappear with money. But even if the project is launched, no one can guarantee that it will be successful.

Also, there are many proposals, that don’t required initial investments. But the user must do certain actions for reward. The biggest part of such proposals is fraud. And the user who spent his time, as a result, did not earn a penny on it.

Bitcoin faucets are reliable and time-tested option of earning without investments. All that is required from the user is to visit Zebra Bitcoin site and enter captcha. The amount of collected satoshi depends directly on the time that the user ready to spend. Most of faucets also have a referral system.

What does it mean? If the user invites friends to the system, he will receive a certain part of his earnings. And the incomes of the invited participant, called the referral, do not decrease from this. The percentage of income from referral actions can reach 50%. Accordingly, the more referrals, the more profit they bring. Another advantage is the fact that you can receive crypto currency using any mobile device with Internet access. Zebra Bitcoin provides an advantageous referral system.

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