WDMS Global 2022 takes place in Cancun, November 8-10

Bitmain has already successfully held WDMS in 2019 and 2021.
The World Digital Mining Summit (WDMS Global 2022), organized by the world’s largest mining equipment manufacturer, Bitmain Corporation of China, will take place from November 8 to 10 in Cancun, Mexico.
The previous summits, WDMS 2021 in Dubai in November 2021 and WDMS in Frankfurt in October 2019, were a great success: such conferences not only networking the participants, but also set the main vectors of the global cryptocurrency mining industry with an obvious focus on mining the largest by capitalization and the oldest cryptocurrency in the world – bitcoin.
Notably, this time the conference will be held in the region of Mexico, which borders the U.S., and the U.S. currently leads the global bitcoin hashtray with approximately 37.8%. At the same time, Central and South America are becoming the fastest growing hubs for bitcoin mining, given the world’s abundant energy resources in this macro-region and, most importantly, the enormous opportunities for green energy generation, particularly through the use of hydroelectric power plants.
The current meeting of the global mining industry will focus on “PoW Power and Mining Impetus”, i.e. the benefits of the Proof-of-Work protocol, as well as those positive trends that strengthen the interest of investors and entrepreneurs in mining in general. Bitmain’s event partners this time include Antpool, AntAlpha and BitFuFu.
Bitmain will present its most innovative new product to date, the S19 XP Hyd. (hash rate – 250 T, energy consumption – 20.8 J/T). Holders of tickets for WDMS Global 2022 with SVIP status will have the opportunity to sign a contract to purchase these miners, and the price of the new equipment will be announced on November 9 during the gala dinner for guests with SVIP status.
It is also known that tickets to the Summit will be issued in the form of WDMS NFTs, which will happen for the first time in the history of Bitmain Corporation. These WDMS NFTs will give their holders access to a VIP banquet, Bitmain gift sets, first line airdrop to these NFTs, and many other opportunities. NFT holders with SVIP status will receive priority access to purchases of the latest Bitmain mining equipment.
Official WDMS Global 2022 conference link: https://www.bitmain.com/wdms/wdmsGlobal

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