Three bitcoin mining metrics hit record highs in October

Bitcoin’s hash rate and bitcoin mining difficulty index were at highs.
This past October saw three bitcoin mining metrics reach record highs. The hash value, expressed through the bitcoin price, reached a low of $66,500 per Eh, which happened on October 25.
The bitcoin mining difficulty metric rose to an all-time high of 36.84 trillion on October 23. The closest adjustment to this bitcoin mining metric is expected to happen on November 6 and is likely to be a 1.51% decline.
Despite the fact that the growth of this metric occurred against the background of the bitcoin bear market, the bitcoin hash rate rose to 325.11 Eh/s, which was also an absolute high. This fact was recorded on block #758138 on October 10.
The average hash rate in the second half of October was at the level of 259.8 Eh/s, and the indicator itself showed noticeable volatility. This can be attributed to the fact that miners are currently conducting upgrading mining equipment, as well as transporting miners to those locations where it is possible to conclude contracts for electricity consumption at favorable energy tariffs.
The largest mining pool in the world, Foundry, averaged about 25.91% of the global hash rate, and of the 4,578 thousand blocks mined during the 30 days of October (not including October 31), 1,186 thousand blocks were discovered by this pool.
In terms of bitcoin prices, October was the best month of the last three, with bitcoin up 5.1%.

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