The White House does not want to get to the bottom of bitcoin mining

Nick Carter was approached by experts from the administration of U.S. President Joe Biden.
Famous cryptocurrency expert Nick Carter in a conversation with analyst Peter McCormack stated that “the U.S. White House has the wrong vision of what bitcoin mining is all about.
Carter revealed that he was approached for comment on the impending cryptocurrency report Biden was approached from Washington. However, he said, they “didn’t want to hear from me” and “rejected everything” he told them. He stressed that, in principle, they understand what the industry has to say about bitcoin mining, but “it doesn’t interest them.”
Carter also pointed out that the final report is replete with topics that purportedly highlight bitcoin mining as a critical issue, but most of these have been discussed many times in the past, and it became clear that very often the criticism of this business activity was based on arguments that had already been disproved.
The expert also believes that bitcoin mining has unfairly caused excessive concern on the issue of the amount of energy consumed. In his opinion, for some reason the U.S. authorities decided to impose stricter requirements to bitcoin mining than to all other sectors of the U.S. economy in terms of energy consumption standards.
He noted that the U.S., in his view, “has a surplus of potential energy,” but the Biden administration’s infatuation with “environmentally sustainable ESG energy standards” has caused the U.S. economy to have to increase its purchases of energy goods from outside.
Peter McMacormack and Nick Carter agreed that the U.S. needed to audit the amount of free energy and find out where it was surplus, but they now stated that there was a “data problem,” which led to incorrect conclusions in the U.S. White House report. Carter also felt that the report’s criticism of the Proof-of-Work consensus in blockchain operation and praise of Proof-of-Stake was biased and reflected a subjective point of view.
Finally, Peter McMacormack and Nick Carter suggested that with the dominance of Democratic Party representatives in the U.S. Congress, the likelihood of a ban on the bitcoin industry is higher than if congressmen representing the Republican Party were to prevail on Capitol Hill.

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