The Office of Bitcoin Project Management opened in El Salvador

Earlier, the Salvadoran presidential administration announced that it would acquire one bitcoin per day starting November 18.
As it became known, the Salvadoran authorities opened a state office for the management of bitcoin projects to coordinate within the new structure everything that is implemented or supported in the field of bitcoin by this state.
Recall that El Salvador has a special fund that accumulates bitcoin purchases. As of November 18, according to the Salvadoran presidential administration, one bitcoin will be purchased into this fund each day. That fund had 2.381 thousand BTC at that time.
In addition, the parliament of El Salvador gave . Bitcoin has the same function within that Central American country as the US dollar does. In El Salvador, the U.S. dollar is used in everyday transactions to buy and sell goods or services.
Finally, the authorities of El Salvador are working on a project called “Bitcoin City”, which will be financed by issuing a special bond issue. As part of this project, it is planned to develop bitcoin mining.
The new Office will coordinate its work with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of El Salvador on issues related to bitcoin in the international arena. There will also be training programs for the people of El Salvador to impart knowledge about blockchain and bitcoin. The office will also work on projects aimed at generating the necessary rules and regulations for the cryptosphere, as well as conveying this legal information through training courses to the people of El Salvador.

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