The Netherlands uses heat from miners to grow tulips

Near Amsterdam, owners of flower greenhouses have found the benefits of cooperating with bitcoin miners.
Floral greenhouse owners near the Dutch capital, Amsterdam, are increasingly saving on the use of expensive natural gas to generate electricity, made possible by directing the heat generated by cryptocurrency miners to heat the flowers.
On average, the generated heat from six bitcoin miners is enough to heat one standard greenhouse for about 15 thousand euros. As noted by flower farmers, they buy bitcoin miners because they are happy to be able to mine bitcoins, either on their own or as part of a mining pool.
The observed heating of the air after entering and exiting the miners is about 20ºC. From a technical point of view, bitcoin miners require regular checks, cleaning them from dust, as well as from possible insects that may be in the equipment due to the proximity of the plants themselves and the soil.
The Netherlands grows a significant amount of its agricultural products in greenhouses, so the potential for further use of heat from bitcoin miners is significant: In monetary terms, the Netherlands is the world’s #2 exporter of agribusiness products after the United States (#1). Some flower farmers are also considering including bitcoin as a financial option in their work.
According to media reports in the Netherlands, a number of local farmers noted that they are not worried that bitcoin is now worth about $16,000, although in November 2021 it was as high as $68,000. Entrepreneurs are focused on the long-term bitcoinAs well as building a multi-year business strategy for growing flowers.

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