The largest pre-New Year discounts on the mining equipment market

By the end of the year, the drop in ASIC prices reaches nearly 90% from their peak in 2020-2021.
According to industry according to, the most effective bitcoin miners at the moment are those with at least one terraheesh per 38 joules of energy. The average price of such equipment has dropped 86.82% from its peak on May 7, 2021 ($119.25/Th) to $15.71/Th. Miners in this category are manufactured under the brand names Antminer S19 from Bitmain and Whatsminer M30s from the manufacturer MicroBTC.
Machines with relatively medium efficiency, which cost $96.24 per Th on average at their peak on May 7, 2021, have shown an 89.36% drop in price to $10.23 by this point.
Finally, the least efficient machines, which require more than 68 joules of energy per Th, have declined in price by 91%, to $4.72, when compared to the peak price seen on November 5, 2020.
The drop in the price of mining machines looks like a temporary phenomenon and a good time to invest. This is indicated by the fact that on the one hand, there are companies that sell part of their fleet of bitcoin miners, and on the other hand in the market there are contributorsthat are making large-scale purchases of this equipment, expecting the resumption of a steady trend for the rise in the price of the cryptocurrency number one in the time interval that has to do with the next halving.
The tentative date for this change is April 20, 2024. After the previous halving, which happened on May 11, 2020, the prices of mining equipment went up, and the price of bitcoin in November 2021 renewed the historical maximum, reaching values above $ 63 thousand.

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