The ex-head of FTX gave another disappointing interview

Sam Bankman Fried stated that he was unaware of very many things about the FTX crypto exchange.
During the interview, and then the conversation, former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, commenting on the situation from the Bahamas, where the organization was headquartered at a peak estimated at $ 32 billion, assured in every way that he did not know very much about what was going on at FTX and its relationship with the trading company Alameda.
Be that as it may, according to the documents of the bankruptcy case of FTX and dozens of related organizations, it turns out that she currently owes 50 major creditors about $ 3.1 billion. In total, we are talking about going on FTX appointed administrators said they were faced with a shortage of assets on the site.
Of the total number of FTX crypto-exchange users, customers from the Cayman Islands accounted for the largest share in specific terms (22%), 11% were Virgin Islands citizens, 8% and 2% were UK and US residents, respectively.
The FTX bankruptcy case was filed by FTX’s new receivers, appointed in consultation with Bahamian regulators, in federal court in New York, which in turn remanded the case to the district court in Delaware.
Although the judge in Delaware has so far declined to name FTX creditors, the referral is likely due to the fact that some of those creditors are registered in that US state, which is known for its lax financial services policies, including its offshore approach.
Incidentally, U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen also commented on the situation with the collapse of FTX, saying on November 30 that she was surprised by what had happened.
Investor Kevin O’Leary and billionaire investment hedger Bill Eckman spoke in support of the former head of FTX. Lawyer Jay Czerwinski, who specializes in protecting the interests of companies in the cryptosphere, in this case believes that serious mistakes were made in the activities of Alameda, and the employees of this company should rush to tell the U.S. Justice Department all the details.
Co-founder of Gyft and Civiv Vinnie Lingham was skeptical about the former FTX CEO’s claims, but billionaire Mike Novogratz announced his appearance on CNBC, where he intends to tell what he thinks about Sam Bankman-Fried’s statements.

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