River purchased an additional 3,000 bitcoin miners

River sees growing demand for remote bitcoin mining.
According to the U.S. company River, it invested customer funds to purchase an additional 3 thousand bitcoin miners, which have already been put into operation. It is noted that the energy for this equipment is generated almost entirely by wind farms in the western part of Texas, where the River mining site is located. The transition to “green energy” becomes is vital for the mining business, given the recently announced position of the U.S. White House.
River has a niche in bitcoin mining and provides remote mining services by investing customer funds in the purchase of physical miners. River stresses that it sees a growing demand for such services and therefore intends to launch several thousand more mining machines by the end of the year.
As River notes, “While some mining companies are shutting down bitcoin mining, we are expanding and developing bitcoin mining at an accelerated pace. Our customers include individuals, who sometimes have just one miner each, as well as investment fund managers, for whom we’re building entire mining complexes.”

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