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Moon Bitcoin cash is a new Moon-faucet for crypto currency earnings in Bitcoin cash. It’s a part of Moon series of faucets that accepts instant payment on CoinPot.

Moon faucets have proved to be stable ones, providing instant payments of crypto currency. There is no excess of advertising on them. This does not mean that there is not much advertising, but comparatively little. If you have tried to work with faucets with payments to fausethub, then you will understand even a slight lack of advertising, in particular, at Moon Bitcoin cash.

Moon Bitcoin cash contains unobtrusive and organically fit into site’s design banners, a one-time redirect triggers. You can collect money 1 time in every 5 minutes. You can visit this place less often. During your absence, Bitcoin Cash coins will be staked.

About Bitcoin Cash crypto currency

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a crypto currency appeared on August 1, 2017 as a result of dividing Bitcoin into two separate crypto-currencies: old kind and valuable Bitcoin and new, trendy and promising Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash rate has been growing since the appearance of this crypto currency. In January-February of 2018 there was a sharp decline in the exchange rate, along with all the other types of crypto-currency. Bitcoin Cash has recently set its sights on restoring its good positions.

Registration at Moon Bitcoin cash

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Moon Bitcoin cash faucet is on an unusual domain in contrast to other sites of this network. Apparently, someone outstripped Moon’s owners and registered a similar domain for themselves.

Go to the main page of Moon Bitcoin cash:

Registration is required to get started. To register here, click on “Sign in” button. In the pop-up window you need to enter your e-mail, with which you are registered at CoinPot. If you do not already have CoinPot account, remember that you will need to register there with the same e-mail. This condition will relieve you of unnecessary hassle of binding accounts.

Enter Captcha (you can choose either recaptcha and SolvaMedia captcha) and click “sign in” button. The registration process is complete. Now you automatically log in, and you are ready to collect your first Bitcoin cash satoshi’s.

How to Earn Bitcoin Cash

Now you only need to collect Satoshi at Moon Bitcoin cash. To do this, you need to click on the “Clime now” button at intervals of five minutes (less often).

At the top of the main page you will see the money amount you earned in satoshi. A little lower you can put a tick on “Alert me when it’s time to claim”, and the site will beep when the next party of satoshi can be collected, at equal five-minute intervals. It is possible to limit the action from one to several times a day, a maximum of once per hour.

After clicking the “Claim now” button, an information window pops up, this shows you details about earned money and interest accrued on it.

Types of bonuses at Moon Bitcoin cash

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Loyalty bonus can be collected for the daily use of the crane. For each day of continuous use, a 1% loyalty bonus goes to your account. That is, if you use the faucet at least for one time per day, then the bonus will increase every day by 1 percent. The first day – 0%, the second day – 1%, the next – 2% and so to 100%. If you miss one day, you will have to accumulate the interest of the loyalty bonus again.

Referral bonus is a typical bonus you can get for your referrals actions at the site.

Mystery bonus is a really strange thing that is charged randomly. Fatty percent is often enough.

The lowest amount marked by green color is the number of satoshis you earned for 1 capture of the captcha.

Withdraw from Moon Bitcoin cash

If you registered here, with the same email address as CoinPot, then you will not have problems with binding accounts, and as with the instant payments to CoinPot.

After you have collected Satoshi for one captcha, bch appear in the transaction list to the Coinpot micro wallet immediately.

Crane Moon Cash provides an opportunity to earn using the referral program. Each referral will bring you 25% of his actions. Moreover, referral’s earnings will not change at the same time.

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