Mining companies intend to increase their hash rate by 50% by the end of the year

One in five bitcoin miners in the world now operates in corporations that are listed on the world’s exchanges.
According to Arcane Research, publicly traded mining companies, mostly in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, have a combined hash rate of 54 Eh/s. That is, one in five bitcoin miners in the world now operates in corporations with access to world exchanges.
Moreover, these companies plan to increase their hash rate by about 50% and reach a total of 80.7 Eh/s in the remaining just over 80 days until the end of the year. Thus, this sector of the global economy Is one of the most dynamically developing, both in terms of growth of investments, and from the position of increase of capital investments on the part of the companies in it.
To this end, such organizations make the most of their status as public companies to raise additional capital or to carry out mergers and acquisitions of other participants in the world of bitcoin mining.
Thus, according to According toSEC, mining company Greenidge intends to attract 22.8 million dollars through the sale of common stock. It has agreements with brokerage firms B. Riley Securities and Northland Securities to list its securities.
B. Riley Securities acts as an underwriter and, in guaranteeing the success of the offering, works for a commission on the set price of these securities.
Another mining company, Iris Energy, announced said that following its planned $100 million stock market financing, it has begun looking for potential bitcoin mining properties for possible acquisition.

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