Mikhail Mishustin stated the need to engage in the implementation of digital assets

The head of the Russian government held two strategic sessions and one technological session on electronics.
On August 30, the head of the Russian government Mikhail Mishustin held sessions devoted to various aspects of economic policy – Strategic session on the development of the domestic financial system, Consolidated strategic session on the main directions of economic policy under external sanctions pressure and Technological session on electronics. The Prime Minister noted that the discussed initiatives will be reported to the Russian President in September.
Mishustin outlined the importance of working “to ensure the technological independence of infrastructure and cybersecurity of financial organizations. For this purpose it is proposed to work actively with innovation, and, as the chairman of the Russian government noted, “including the implementation of digital assets”. He described this phenomenon as “a safe alternative for all parties, which is able to guarantee uninterrupted payment for the delivery of goods from abroad and for export.”
Mikhail Mishustin also stressed the need to “gradually abandon the use of currencies of unfriendly countries. Earlier the government addressed the member countries of Shanghai Cooperation Organization with the proposal to switch over to the Russian system of transfer of financial information. In April the head of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Addressed to the Government of Russia with a proposal to consider the use of cryptocurrencies by businesses in settlements with countries in Africa.

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