MicroStrategy has acquired more bitcoins

The company invested an additional $56.4 million in bitcoins between early November and December 24.
В FromAccording to the report, presented by MicroStrategy to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, from the beginning of November to December 21 this year, the organization has invested an additional $ 42.8 million in almost 2.395 thousand BTC at an average purchase price of $ 17.871 thousand.
On December 24, MicroStrategy invested another $13.6 million, purchasing 810 bitcoins at an average price of $16,845,000. Thus, the company invested $56.4 million in bitcoins between early November and December 24.
It’s worth noting that the investments were made during a bearish phases bitcoin market, but at a price higher than the low of the year, which was fixed at $15,46 thousand in November.
In total, as noted by the company, it has 132.5 thousand BTC, for which MicroStrategy has spent $ 4.03 billion, that is, buying each bitcoin at an average price of about $ 30.397 thousand.
Notably, the company sold 704 BTCs on December 22 for a tax benefit under U.S. law, selling them for an average price of $16,776,000 and generating $11.8 million in proceeds from the sale. Thus, MicroStrategy recorded a loss, by the amount of which it gets the opportunity to reduce the amount of tax on income from capital gains in the United States.
Prior to November, MicroStrategy last bought bitcoins in September, when the average purchase price was $19,851,000, for a total of about $6 million in investments of 301 BTC.

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