Kiyosaki does not believe in the prospects of “paper assets” and looks towards bitcoin

Entrepreneur sees signs of “the biggest financial bubble in the history of mankind.
Entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki spoke out about the current situation in world finance. In his opinion, there are signs of “the biggest financial bubble in the history of mankind,” so he doesn’t believe in the prospects of “paper assets,” that is, stocks and bonds of global corporations.
He believes bitcoin looks attractive to investors, and the cryptosphere will quietly survive Collapse one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, FTX. Kiyosaki also sees investment potential in Ethereum, though the digital asset has lost 23.5 percent of its value in the past week.
He has experienced a $1.4 trillion outflow of investor funds compared to the peak of the digital asset market this year.
According to Kiyosaki, he is not frightened by the fact that bitcoin is getting cheaper, because this is the situation in which he sees an opportunity for an investor to invest in this asset. He said that he invested in bitcoins when they were worth $6,000 each and that he still remains in these assets. Kiyosaki also said that he subsequently invested in Ethereum as well.
The entrepreneur remains positive about investing in gold and silver, even though he thinks that it is very likely that bitcoin will reach a price of one million dollars in five years. At present, the price of gold gives a negative investment return from the beginning of the year (-4.12%), silver – a similar situation (-8.05%).
In favor of bitcoin is evidenced by its spreading in the world. Thus, according to Glassnode, the number of digital wallets with a balance of 1 BTC reached a historical maximum.

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