Kazakhstan continues to rank third in the global bitcoin hashray

The U.S. continues to build up its leadership position in bitcoin mining.
For more than 12 months this year, Kazakhstan has continued to rank third in the global bitcoin hash market with a share of 13.22%. China (21.11%) is in second place, and the United States (37.84%) is in first place, continuing to strengthen its leadership position in global bitcoin mining.
The average contribution of each of the three countries to the global hash rate, based on calculations by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, is 71 Eh/s for the US, 39.6 Eh/s for China and 24.8 Eh/s for Kazakhstan, respectively.
Kazakhstan is known for its oil reserves, and in the energy balance of the country, this type of raw materials accounts for about half. Coal accounts for 28% of energy generation, and natural gas – about 17%.
The top 3 bitcoin mining countries are increasing their combined share, but the shares of Malaysia, Germany and Iran are decreasing.
Recall that in late September it became known about the development of a bill in Kazakhstan that would regulate the activities of miners in the country.
Notably, as inflation in Kazakhstan in September was at a value of 17.7% compared to the same month a year earlier (the maximum since 2008), individual investors in this country have shown great interest in buying gold, which may indicate a search for a hedge-asset option in the context of high consumer price increases.
As a result, according to the central bank of Kazakhstan, was purchased 1.8 times more gold bullion than in August. Recall that in the world in the investment community continues discussion about the prospects of bitcoin to serve as a hedge-asset in a situation of high global inflation.

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