JP Morgan said that 13% of Americans invest in cryptocurrencies

The largest bank in the U.S. has prepared a study based on the investment habits of its customers.
According to the research arm of the largest bank in the U.S., JP Morgan, about 13% of Americans investing into cryptocurrencies. This conclusion was based on a large sample – an analysis of the bank’s customer transactions, when it came to the interaction of individuals’ accounts at that lending institution and the change in the balance of those individuals’ digital wallets. In two years, the share of Americans who invest in cryptocurrencies has increased by 10%, which is a significant increase.
It was noted that the majority of the funds which were transferred into cryptocurrencies did not exceed the average monthly salary of JP Morgan clients and the median value of total transactions per customer was $620. At the same time, as the average income of a bank customer increased, the volume of funds invested in cryptocurrencies tended to increase.
The highest frequency of cryptocurrency transactions was observed at a time when the price of bitcoin was $43,900.
Given that most investors prefer not to invest significant amounts in cryptocurrencies, JP Morgan analysts concluded that only a small proportion of the bank’s clients who invest in digital assets could suffer significant financial losses if cryptocurrency prices fall.
The growing interest of retail investors in cryptocurrencies, particularly bitcoin, is also evidenced by recent data from research organization Glassnode. Compared to 2018, the number of bitcoins held by retail investors has doubled, to nearly 3 million BTC.

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