Japanese electricity operator ready to divert surplus energy to mining

Tokyo Electric Power Grid (TEPCO) has entered into a strategic agreement with bitcoin miner TRIPLE-1.
According to Tokyo Electric Power Grid (TEPCO), the company is working on using surplus energy for bitcoin mining. To this end, the corporation, which is a major state-owned electricity provider in Japan, has entered into a strategic agreement with TRIPLE-1, a bitcoin mining company.
On TEPCO’s side, Agile Energy X, a structural unit of the energy giant, will take part in the work in this area. As a pilot project, a 1.5 mW data center with 1,300 computers was put into operation. This facility began its operation in Tokyo, the capital of Japan.
For Japan, the interest in the use of surplus energy is related to the fact that, according to the forecast of the Ministry of Energy in Tokyo, next year the volume of electricity generation from renewable sources will increase twice as much as the current level. A significant amount of this energy is currently not being used, although it is being generated.
In such a situation, the project of the above companies may have a very low point breakeven for bitcoin mining, given also the fact that TEPCO intends to use its developments in the field of artificial intelligence technology, as well as semiconductors in its work in this area.

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