In the U.S. “stock” in the market of miners can reach 500 thousand units

There is still an opportunity to invest in bitcoin miners in the world at the moment.
According to an estimate of the U.S. mining company CleanSpark, currently in the U.S. quantitative “stock” in the market of miners is estimated at 250-500 thousand pieces of equipment. Another company, Luxor Technologies, estimates a similar “stock” of 276,000 pieces of equipment at the end of September.
In the United States this situation is seen as temporary and attributed not to a lack of desire of mining companies to invest in these miners, but to the fact that the active expansion of mining in the United States at the moment faced with the fact that production managers are more difficult to find suitable premises, given the need to work in such premises to be able to conclude optimal rates for electricity.
In addition, the U.S. has now developed an acute regulatory uncertainty bitcoin mining, which can only become clear after the results of the election to the U.S. Congress, when on November 8 will be re-elected the entire House of Representatives, as well as one third of the Senate.
Chances are high that the candidates backed by the current administration of U.S. President Joe Biden will mostly fail to pass the U.S. Parliament, which means that the White House will be forced to reconsider its positions on certain issues, including the topic of cryptocurrency regulation.
At the moment, in favor of favorable regulation for mining in the U.S. Speak out . mainly representatives of the Republican Party, and with the expected strengthening of their positions in the U.S. Congress can be predicted the promotion of this line.

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