In the Irkutsk region there was a proposal to create mining zones

Regional authorities are ready to take the initiative after the adoption of a law regulating the mining of cryptocurrencies in Russia.
During the press conference of the governor of Irkutsk region Igor Kobzev, held today, December 12, from the head of the region sounded offer about what can be done in terms of practical regulation of cryptocurrency mining in this subject of the Russian Federation. First of all, it is planned to wait for the adoption of a law regarding the mining of cryptocurrencies, as “the adoption of a law will introduce this activity into the legal field.
After that, in the Irkutsk region, the regional administration proposes to identify those areas of the region where there is a surplus of capacity and intends to make a proposal to create in these areas “special mining zones on the type of gambling.” At the same time it is proposed to prohibit this activity in the rest of the region.
The idea of introducing differentiated energy tariffs for bitcoin miners (on the principle of increasing the cost per kW depending on the volume of electricity consumption) was discussed earlier. However, this idea, as it became clear, can still be discussed after the adoption of the law regulating the mining of cryptocurrencies in principle.
Currently, there is a draft law in the State Duma, which, if adopted, will define the legal framework for the operation of cryptocurrency mining in Russia.
Meanwhile, one of the key points is debatable, as there are different opinions in the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank. The question is whether it will be possible for Russian miners to sell mined digital assets inside the country, using in one way or another the Russian financial infrastructure, or the sale of cryptocurrencies will only be possible abroad.
Recall that in Kazakhstan is also currently considered Bill, which concerns the regulation of cryptocurrency mining.

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