Founder of two major NFT collections explains his departure from Solana to Ethereum and Polygon

Rohun Voora, creator of DeGods and y00ts, sees potential in Ethereum and Polygon blockchains.
For the Solana ecosystem, one of the most sensitive moments for blockchain history is the decision by Rohoon Voora, creator of the NFT collections of DeGods and y00ts on Solana, to “move” DeGods to the Ethereum blockchain and y00ts to the Polygon blockchain. All of this is scheduled to be completed during the first quarter of 2023.
According to the latest available quarterly according toSolana’s DeGods project and its NFTs were the most expensive on the blockchain. The volume of transactions with non-exchangeable tokens on Solana grew by 19% quarter-on-quarter, and the blockchain itself became the second most popular after Ethereum, on which NFT projects are built. All of this was seen against a backdrop of general reduction interest in NFT in 2022.
DeGods and y00ts projects say that if they want to achieve growth in the NFT-sphere, it seems reasonable to do it on Ethereum, while Polygon sees potential for development there. A number of upgrades that have been introduced to Ethereum are positively assessed, and in Polygon’s case, it is noted that there are successful collaborations with Disney and Nike, as well as the social media outlet Reddit.
Indeed, according to research firm Nansen, NFT transactions on the Ethereum blockchain have totaled an impressive $23.7 billion from the beginning of the year to the current moment, but transactions peaked in May, when the weekly result reached $1.6 billion.
Analysts point to a higher potential solvent demand for Ethereum: the number of digital wallets, which can purchase NFT by balance, exceeds 118 thousand. In the case of Solana we are talking only about 5.67 thousand of such digital wallets.

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