Falling cryptocurrency market may bring it to a healthier state

The entrepreneur expects traders who are only focused on price fluctuations of digital assets to leave the cryptocurrency market.
Kim Dotcom, a well-known entrepreneur currently living in New Zealand, believes that a big drop in the cryptocurrency market would be a good thing, because it would lead to the fact that most of those investors who are focused only on earning from the price fluctuations of digital assets would leave it.
In his opinion, the cryptosphere would get a “second wind” when digital assets are perceived by participants as financial instruments with great potential.
Dotcom’s opinion came as bitcoin fell past the $22,000 level at the end of last week, momentarily dropping to $21,13,000, its lowest value in three weeks.
At the start of the last full week of August, the No. 1 cryptocurrency played back its fall, rising to $21,34,000 in the first half of August 22, but went below $21,000 in the afternoon. Despite the “dive” below $21,000, compared to its mid-June value ($17,500), bitcoin’s price is in the plus zone.
Dotcom also commented on the future of the global economy. In his opinion, the US will not cope with its financial problems and the dollar will depreciate. Another businessman, Robert Kiyosaki, agreed with Dotcom’s opinion. He said that if the White House administration’s policy will continue in the same vein as it is now, he as an investor will be react buying more gold, silver and bitcoins.

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