Ethereum update raises question about decentralized altcoin

The transition from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake will mean the end of Ethereum decentralization.
Experts continue to debate the upcoming Ethereum blockchain update as part of the transition from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake. According to Mark Jeftowicz, head of easyDNS Technologies Inc, a Toronto, Canada-based DNS provider and domain registrar, for Ethereum, the update Merge will mean a de facto loss of decentralization.
He also pointed out that those who stuck Ethereum cannot be 100% sure that they will get their money back because according to Proof-of-Stake, to which Ethereum is planned to switch, the decision on Ethereum blockchain will be made by validators who will be delegated with such powers, but what these validators will decide – is unknown. In any case, there is currently no definite timetable for the withdrawal of the Ethereum zastakany.
Also, Merge may keep the “old” Ethereum with the Proof-of-Work protocol, and the question remains open as to what its fate will be. The fact is that, for example, just one company, Circle from New York, by choosing on which blockchain the popular stablecoin USDC will develop in the future, can greatly affect the situation in DeFi and the cryptocurrency market in general.
Another important point: what if the implementation of the Merge update in Ethereum is technically unsuccessful and damages the entire Ethereum ecosystem?
Based on the above, Jeftowicz decided to reduce the number of Ethereum in his investment portfolio. In addition, he withdrew from all the “wrapped” bitcoins he has in DeFi, converting them to regular bitcoins. Deftovich has also closed positions in Staking, Lending and Farming pending clarification on how the Merge update will be implemented in practice.

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