Demand for ASIC machines used for bitcoin mining increased in Russia

Cheaper bitcoin miners on the Russian market caused an increase in sales.
According to mass media reports, a number of companies that sell ASIC machines on the Russian market are recording an increase in demand for them. Such a trend echoes that observed in the global market for such equipment, where a number of investors, including the new structure .which is founded by Jihan Wu, are scaling up their purchases of bitcoin miners.
In Russia, the decrease in the price of video cards has been observed for the fifth month. Depreciation of individual bitcoin miners has occurred since the summer by an average of 20%, and the growth of sales in some distributors of such equipment was more elastic and increased several times. Compared to the peak values for mining equipment in 2021, its price in U.S. dollars sagged by an average of 70% in 2022.
In terms of country comparisons, Russia has attractive electricity rates. Dynamics are important in this sense: Over the past 12 months, the average electricity tariff in the U.S., which currently leads the way in terms of specific share of the total bitcoin hash, has increased by 12.6%. The break-even point for bitcoin mining depends on a number of conditions and currently ranges from $8,000 to $11,000.

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