Core Scientific ended October with a positive balance of money and BTC

Core Scientific had $32.2 million in cash by the end of October.
According to according toreported by Core Scientific to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the largest public bitcoin miner in the world had a positive cash and bitcoin balance of $32.2 million in cash and 62 bitcoins (about $975,000) by the end of October.
On the one hand, the volume of the company’s liquid funds decreased during the month, mainly due to the sale of bitcoins, which at the end of September the organization had 1.051 thousand BTC. At the same time, cash in the form of cash remained stable with an increase of $2.7 million for the month.
Among the major uncertainties the company notes are energy prices as well as the bitcoin price: these are “very difficult to predict.” Core Scientific has 232 thousand miners with total capacity of 13 Eh / s, and there are machines with a capacity of 9.5 Eh / s, which are located on the sites of other companies. Thus, Core Scientific mining operations account for 8.6% of the global bitcoin hash rate.
Earlier this week, bitcoin mining complexity increased by 0.51% to 36.95 trillion, thereby breaking an all-time record. The median hashrate has been steadily above 260 Eh/s since mid-October.
All of this suggests that while some global mining marketers, like Iris Energy, for example, forced are suspending their bitcoin miners, but the overall global mining industry observed growth in the capacity in use.

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