Cirlce integrates Apple Pay for those companies that work with the USDC

The innovation will lead to several results.
How reports New York-based Circle, the company behind USDC Stablecoin, those companies that are already on Circle Payments and can use USDC Stablecoin now get to use Apple Pay as well.
It could be useful for those who, for example, would like to purchase an NFT but who don’t use USDC to exchange for NFTs, in which case, by engaging Apple Pay, such a purchaser of a non-exchangeable token could use the options that Apple Pay has, i.e. cash-based payments.
Circle also believes that Circle Pay’s introduction of Apple Pay options, along with the ability to use USDC, will also attract traditional companies to the system, which can begin using USDC stackcoins as well. Circle also plans to include bitcoin and Ethereum in its lineup of financial options for Circle Payments.
Participants of the cryptosphere, in turn, assume that the integration of Apple Pay will increase the demand for USDC, as there is a convenient way to purchase these stablcoins for cash. USDC currently has a total capitalization of $44.443 billion, and this stabelcoin ranks fourth among cryptocurrencies, skipping ahead of Tether with a capitalization of $66 billion.
At the same time, it is still unknown how Circle intends to deal with its EUROC stablcoin project, which was conceived at parity with the eurozone currency – the euro. Since the end of June this year, the project has become Tested by on Ethereum, and the organization had plans to launch EUROC on the Solana blockchain.

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