Block will develop new types of bitcoin miners

Block is looking for a test hub leader for its mining equipment, and is also increasing its team.
Jack Dorsey’s Block has learned from job postings that the U.S. organization is looking for a test hub manager for its mining equipment, and is also increasing its team.
Recall that Square changed its name to Block at the end of last year, and now Block’s increased movement towards mining is once again confirms the global trend of increasing interest in bitcoin mining, which means that participants in this area perceive the current “bear market” price of the cryptocurrency No. 1 as a temporary phenomenon.
Block’s mining division is currently developing “bitcoin mining equipment as well as other related elements for mining infrastructure.”
Block has previously stated that it aims to make bitcoin mining accessible to as many people in the world as possible, and to that end is working to improve the performance of its mining machines, as well as making them easier to operate.
At the company’s Addressed attention to the fact that they intend to address the issue of the sustainability of the mining equipment, so that it does not fail and requires as little repair as possible. In addition, they plan to significantly reduce the noise level from the operation of this equipment, so that it would be more comfortable to use.
The announcement about hiring the head of the test hub also says that the hub will be running in the mining equipment itself, as well as the software for mining bitcoin, and the focus of specialists “are all operational issues, including the power of machines, their cooling, the impact of external conditions such as dust, for example, on the work of miners, monitoring machine performance, as well as issues connecting the mining equipment to the mining pools”.
To meet these challenges, the Block team is also hiring product managers as well as engineers who will “develop the next generation of mining machines,” create “the first mining farms of such machines,” and launch “a range of new mining machines.” In addition, employees are being recruited to continue working on Block’s bitcoin wallet, which has been under development since the spring of this year.
Finally, Block’s team will be reinforced with communications and PR staff, as well as partners in the mining industry and in the cryptosphere in general. For example, this month Block announced a partnership agreement with Circle, the company behind the USDC steiblocoin project.

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