Bitcoin mining efficiency increased by 23% in Q3

Bitcoin blockchain increased its reliability by another 73%.
The Bitcoin Mining Council (Bitcoin Mining Council) presented the main summary of III quarter of this year, if we talk about the global bitcoin mining industry: the efficiency of such activities during this period increased by 23% compared to July-September 2021, from 17.7 Eh / gW to 21.7 Eh / gW.
Over the past eight years, however, mining efficiency has increased by 5814%. Bitcoin mining accounts for about 0.16% of the world’s total energy generation, and the sustainability of the bitcoin blockchain can only be seriously questioned if 3.5 times the world’s annual energy generation capacity were used.
Bitcoin blockchain increased its reliability by another 73%. In the structure of energy consumption, the share of “green energy” continued to be above 50% for the sixth consecutive quarter, reaching 59.4%. This is despite the fact that the overall energy consumption of bitcoin mining in the world increased by 41%.
While the total hash rate of bitcoins is approaching 267 Eh, bitcoin now accounts for 99% of the energy capacity of all other cryptocurrencies, which means the bitcoin blockchain is 100 times more sustainable than the sum of all other cryptocurrencies.
The Bitcoin Mining Council predicts that efficiency mining will triple over the next four years, and double again over the next four years from the level projected to be achieved in 2026.

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