Bitcoin mining difficulty rate has increased to a record high since May 2021

Bitcoin mining difficulty increased 13.55%.
The bitcoin mining difficulty score increased 13.55% to 35T, the fastest rate of increase since May 2021, when it rose 21.53% in a single move. The strong movement in this metric was the result of more and more high-performance miners getting connected to bitcoin mining, including machines such as the Antminer S19 XP with a 140 Th/s rate. Such machines began to be installed on an industrial scale.
After the summer is over and scheduled shutdowns of bitcoin miners in coordination with local power grids in the U.S., such as this happening Texas, more mining equipment has come online.
Let’s also note that the current hash rate . bitcoin is about 240 Eh/s, which is almost three times what it was in July 2021 when China imposed restrictions on mining the No. 1 cryptocurrency. Compared to July 2021, the bitcoin mining difficulty rate is now twice what it was then.
The growth of these two metrics demonstrates that the process of relocation of mining equipment from China to other countries and the launch of the equipment is complete.
Finally, the increase in the two main metrics of the bitcoin blockchain, in addition to indicating an increase in the stability of its functioning, indicates that quite a few Ethereum miners after the transition of ETH from Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism to Proof-of-Stake chose to go into bitcoin mining, thereby increasing the demand for bitcoin mining equipment.
All of this suggests that the time when you can buy bitcoin miners at a discount will soon come to an end, and prices for this equipment will start to rise again.

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