Bitcoin mining difficulty jumped 9.26%

Bitcoin’s hash rate is approaching an all-time high.
The complexity of bitcoin mining has surpassed expectations for the growth rate, rising 9.26% to 30.97 trillion. Recall that this figure changes every 2016 block, and the current increase in bitcoin mining difficulty was the second largest this year.
Meanwhile, the average hash rate over the past two weeks has reached 221 Ehs/s, adding 10.27% over the period, i.e. ahead of the pace, and reaching its highest level in the last two months. Meanwhile, it continues to rise, reaching 224 Eh/s, which represents a bid to reach the all-time high seen on June 11 at 231 Eh/s, as evidenced by data from Glassnode.
Among the mining pools that account for the largest share of bitcoin hashray is Foundry USA with a share of 23.25%. Next are F2Pool (16.42%) and AntPool (13.43%).
Among the reasons for the resumption of strong hashrate growth is the departure of hot weather in the U.S., as well as in the European Union. In addition, as noted by Foundry USA, hashrate is on the rise as miners increasingly install one of today’s most productive mining machines, the S19 XP from Bitmain of China.
The increase in bitcoin’s mining difficulty, as well as its hash rate, comes as the No. 1 cryptocurrency’s price trades at $20,11,000 on Sept. 1. According to estimates by Arcane Research, the breakeven point for bitcoin miners at current energy prices varies from $6,000 to $10,000 worldwide.

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