Bitcoin mining difficulty decreased by 2.14%

Bitcoin mining difficulty has declined after four consecutive rises in the indicator.
In the middle of this week, bitcoin mining difficulty declined by 2.14%, to 31.36T. This came after seeing four consecutive increases in this indicator, one of which, at 9.26% in late August, was one of the strongest. At the same time, bitcoin’s hash rate also declined – this happened on September 13, by 2.04%.
This decrease in performance can be attributed to the fact that there is currently another phase of modernization of the mining equipment. Thus, for example, in the global market is now in transit a significant amount of supplies of miners S19 XP from Bitmain, which, upon arrival to the mining companies will be able to replace less productive machines.
In addition, the market for mining equipment has seen a significant redistribution of machines from those companies that, for whatever reason, do not withstand the financial difficulties of the “cryptozyma” in favor of those organizations that buy such equipment, counting on both the further rise in the price of bitcoin and the increase in the cost of mining machines.
Finally, due to global inflation, which is largely fueled by rising prices of energy commodities, miners move their equipment to those countries with the most attractive energy tariffs. Such a process has always been observed, but currently, due to the multiple increases in tariffs, for example, in the EU countries, it has intensified, which leads to the temporary shutdown of a significant amount of mining equipment while it is in transit.

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