Bitcoin market five days can not decide on the vector

Bitcoin buy and sell order volumes are holding at parity.
According to Material Indicators, over the past five days the volumes of buy and sell orders for bitcoins on the largest cryptocurrencies are held in parity, which on the one hand does not allow the price of the asset to move clearly in one direction or another, on the other hand, this situation is not comfortable for large investors, who would prefer to clarify the vector of market conditions.
In the meantime, there was a slight move into the green zone at the end of August 24 and beginning of August 25, which was due to the growing appetite for risky financial assets, as shown by Wall Street dynamics. As expected by trader of the Amsterdam Stock Exchange Michael van de Poppe, after the Nasdaq Composite gained (+0.41% at the end of August 24), the bitcoin price also entered the green zone, trading at 21.7 thousand dollars in the beginning of August 25, thereby overcoming the value of 21.5 thousand dollars.
However, a strengthening of the DXY dollar index, which recovered from a slump earlier in the week amid data on a decline in U.S. manufacturing activity, could put pressure on the bitcoin dollar price. The DXY reached 108.9, its highest level since 2002.
It is worth noting that Wall Street is once again seeing a new influx of investment in stocks of companies that engage mining bitcoins. The growth of such securities in New York overnight surpassed the rise of the Nasdaq Composite: HIVE Blockchain (+10.75%), Marathon Digital (+6.03%) and Bitfarms (+5.07%).

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