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India is a country with enormous potential. Here live more than 1 billion people who, with the advent of modernity, are integrating into world trends on a larger and larger scale. This is an important step for India to become one of the world’s leading countries in the future, as China is doing now. Specialists from India already make a significant contribution to the whole world’s IT industry and, accordingly, the crypto-currency issue is also being actively discussed here, while the country’s residents actively buy and sell crypto-currencies, including Bitcoin. It had to be reflected on country’s gambling industry, including online casinos that accept cryptocurrencies, which are popular today. And, unlike most developed countries in the world, the Bitcoin casino India situation is much rosier. They do not ignore the latest world’s trends, and do not try to ban the inevitable things. This is a big plus for India people.

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Important news: just recently the government of this country created a special commission. The commission should weigh all the facts, relying on the current situation and the experience of other countries, in order to determine the cryptocurrencies regulation issue in the legal field and draw up a roadmap, how to implement it conceived in the foreseeable future. The Indian state even asked citizens about it: what do they know about the crypto-currencies, whether they use (and plan to use in the future), and how they see the future of the country’s crypto currency. And this is initially the right approach.

The belief that a worthy decision will be made, almost no doubt, it remains to wait for the details.

It is worth noting that the Central Bank of India originally issued a memo for citizens about the risks of using crypto currency. It was in 2013. But when the talk “in the people” grew up in 2017, it was impossible to ignore this wave.

india bitcoin casino

As for situation with Bitcoin casino India now, they are subject to the same rules of conditional uncertainty, as in most countries of the world, with a legally unsettled crypto-currency issue. People can play freely, and there are no factors that can prevent them from doing this. In India, there are states where real casinos are entirely legal. Some time ago the issue was considered that their legal bodies will provide licenses for Bitcoin casinos, but so far it has not come down to it.

So the Indians cannot bother with this issue for 100%, and wait for a good legalization decision in the near future.

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