An American mining company entered the top 10 foreign stocks in Russia

Russian investors are investing in cryptosphere companies – shares of Marathon Digital Holdings, Coinbase, as well as MicroStrategy and Tesla.
According to the presented according to, in November, the top 10 most popular foreign stocks among Russian investors, traded by one of the country’s key stock exchanges, SPEX, included shares of the bitcoin miner Marathon Digital Holdings from the United States. The total trading volume of such shares amounted to 2.16%, which was more than the turnover of transactions in securities of such well-known companies as Advanced Micro Devices (1.61%) and Microsoft Corporation (1.47%).
Moreover, the interest of Russian investors in the cryptosphere is manifested in the fact that only four companies’ securities, which are related to it, were included in the top 10 most popular foreign stocks. Thus, transactions with the securities of the largest regulated cryptocurrency exchange in the U.S., Coinbase, accounted for 6.71% of the volume of transactions, and MicroStrategy – 1.57%. Recall that MicroStrategy has been consistently investing bitcoins on its balance sheet since August 2020.
It’s worth noting that the leader of the top 10, Tesla, which accounted for 8.13% of total transactions in November, is also known for investing in bitcoins, reflecting that on its balance sheet.
That said, it’s curious that investors had a choice of 1,916 types of foreign stocks overall, so the notable interest in the securities of precisely companies that are known for their positive attitude towards the cryptosphere is a landmark. Investing in such securities globally is usually seen as an option to have a relationship with the bitcoin market without directly investing in that cryptocurrency, given that regulation of the digital asset market in most of the world is still in its formative stages.
It should be reminded that earlier it became known known at about the growth of demand in Russia for ASIC machines, which are used for mining bitcoins.

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