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You came to the tables in the online casino, being in search of interesting entertainments. You want something exciting, which conveys the spirit and sense of casino gambling very clearly. The sounds of the jumping ball attract your attention. Perhaps it’s time to play a couple of games in roulette?

And, it’s also likely to stay behind this table for the whole evening. It seems that the roulette atmosphere can only be conveyed in real life game. But today there are many software tools available that allow you to enjoy the maximum of opportunities and convincing stylization of this casino game symbol. Roulette is played regularly by gamblers in the online casino, even more so about Bitcoin roulette game.

About roulette in general

roulette imageExactly roulette, and no other popular gambling entertainments, is a symbol of the casino and big winnings. It’s very simple: slots have always been a common expansion, and you can play cards for fun. Roulette is conceived primarily for bitcoin gambling and concentrates near a maximum of excitement in a gambling establishment. As statistics often show, almost every second casino visitor plays roulette. This applies to conventional institutions, and online sites, and, including sites that accept Bitcoin payment.

The general idea of ​​roulette, strongly tied to pure luck, is very simple: there is a field of 36 cells, half of them are red, the other half is black. The player bets on a number, and if it falls, it gets x36 winnings. Otherwise, additional options may be added to the roulette table. You can get a small win by guessing the color of the move, or by betting on one of the lines of the playing field or array (1-12, 13-24, 25-36, 1-18, 19-36, etc.)

But the roulette is of several types. The main difference is the benefits for the casino. Here we can name three kinds of roulette to play.

  • No zero

This is the most profitable game option for the player, and the most unprofitable one for casino. There is no zero sector on the field, and each player has a 50% chance when playing for color or even / odd. Often casinos solve the problem of profitability by the obligatory commission for each game.

  • European

It contains zero sector that give 2.7% additional benefits for casino. This is a common roulette version, which players usually choose.

European roulette table

european roulette

  • American

This kind of roulette also contains Double Zero sector that increases casino advantage to almost 5.3%. That is, with every $ 100 put, the casino wins $ 5.3. This complicates the position of the player compared to other types of roulette, but in this version of the game there are other very rare large win options.

Also the numbers are located here in pairs, opposite each other on the playing field, and in European roulette they are scattered across the field haphazardly.

American roulette table

French roullet table

French roullet table almost dont have any difference from European

french roulette


Why to play Bitcoin roulette game

Bitcoin roulette game benefits are directly tied to the Bitcoin casino play benefits in general. But you must remember that a competent bitcon game approach can bring you a lot of Bitcoins, or at least minimize the amount of loss, and the game itself always guarantees you a lot of quality stress and good mood!

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