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Not everyone has the opportunity to real casino freely and enjoy the game at any time. Americans need to go to a special gambling zone for this (Les Vegas, Atlantic City), and lots of world’s countries completely prohibit the gambling industry on its territory. Online casino acted as a panacea for players from all over the world, allowing you to play your favorite gambling right from home.

But many players do not like this, because the spirit of the real game is not enough, and there is allegedly no honesty in the digital gameplay (as if the software is not checked regularly by auditors for honesty, but who are interested in these before dumping hatred). The solution to the problem was the popular casino games with live dealers. You go into the room where the real dealer works by video connection, you make bets, you win. Here is just now a problem of ban for online casinos in different counties now.

Newest Bitcoin casino concept helps players to play their favorite games. For example, Bitcoin live roulette game gives everyone the opportunity to feel themselves in the center of excitement!

How does the live roulette look like

The main advantage is the full game immersion. The gambler in general appreciates gambling atmosphere, and the opportunity to see the real playing field and the living person guiding the game process, provides the desire to play and spend money.

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The game room is a video broadcast, where a real person sits in room behind the roulette, throws a ball in turn, and comments the actions. The field for the player is an interactive platform, where he independently place bets. The dealer thus does not spend time for work with bets, and this makes the gameplay more dynamic. In addition, 1000 players can play in the room at the same time easily, so this is the natural state of things for the sake of the game process.

The ability to communicate with the live dealer “here and now” is also very important. There are options for playing different versions of roulette live in a good online casino.

What is the benefit of Bitcoin live roulette game

Here everything is simple: the BTC is available where other currencies are useless. Bitcoin live roulette game is often providing exclusive game options, bonuses and big winnings: Bitcoin casino owners go to stimulate the promising directions of the gambling establishment. So you can touch an absolutely honest, transparent and safe for yourself process of playing roulette online, which came up ever.

Live Roulette Bitcoin

Many casinos online now accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a funding method from their users. That can be traced to the fact that cryptocurrency is fast becoming a legal tender in most countries of the world. Users can now choose to wager on games with popular coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Ripple, Litecoin, and so forth.

Among the favorite games of gamblers is the Bitcoin roulette. It is just like the regular casino roulette, only that you use Bitcoin to wager when playing it. You can play the roulette Bitcoin game on many casinos today without requiring many tutorials.

Finding a suitable live Bitcoin roulette casino can be exhausting since there are several of them available now. As such, you may not know which Bitcoin roulette casino offers the best playing conditions for its users. However, with the correct criteria, you should be able to select the most suitable site that has the Bitcoin roulette without hassle.

This article makes your roulette Bitcoin casino selection easier in two ways: One, it contains a list of the Top sites to play Bitcoin roulette, and second, it highlights the criteria on how to choose the best live Bitcoin roulette casino for you.

We hope you find it handy!

Best Live Bitcoin roulette casinos

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What is the best bitcoin roulette site?

Since there are several crypto roulette sites with great options, it is rather hard to choose one that tops the table. Besides, as a gambler, you gave your preferences when playing Bitcoin roulette. Because of that, the best Bitcoin roulette site may not be universal.

However, for a site to rank top on the best live Bitcoin casinos list, it should have the following features;

  • Easy navigation: One of the crucial characteristics that a casino must have is a comprehensive interface. That way, you can locate the games, deposit, play, and withdraw your winnings without hassle. A simple yet attractive interface saves gamblers the time and frustration of finding their way around the site.
  • Bonuses and promos: Giving welcome tips to site users go a long way in winning their hearts. That helps make such casinos the choice of many gamblers and puts them among the most used sites. You will hardly find any casino without the welcome bonus or periodic promotions. The site owners know that it’s an efficient way to attract prospects and new users to their casino.
  • Great Customer service: Bitcoin roulette gamblers face difficulties while playing, depositing, accessing, or withdrawing their winnings every time. As such, there is the need for a responsive support system to cater to those issues. A good roulette Bitcoin site should have active customer support that responds and proffers solutions to the customers’ problems.
  • Fast transaction methods: Nobody likes those little lags depositing and paying in betting sites, especially when you feel lucky and ready to hit roll the wheels. An unresponsive or lagging deposit method will leave customers frustrated and disappointed when the issue is recurrent.
  • Alternative payment options: A good Bitcoin roulette site should have alternative transaction methods that gamblers can use. Sometimes, a deposit portal does not respond due to technical issues. Players should be able to use other payment options when that happens.

Types of roulette Bitcoin

If you didn’t know before now, there are more roulette bitcoin types other than the American version. As a gambler, you need to know the types of Bitcoin roulettes available to optimize your wins. What differentiates the main roulette Bitcoin types is the zeros on the wheels. The popular ones are described in the table below;

Bitcoin roulette typeNumber of zerosDescription
AmericanZero and double-zeroThe American roulette is probably the only roulette you have played in all your years of spinning the wheels. When there are other options available, most gamblers still choose the American Bitcoin roulette over others because it has good odds.

Note that the house edge of this type of roulette is 5.8%, which is double of the European version. It also has 38 total pockets because of the double zeros included on the wheels.

EuropeanSingle zeroThe European Bitcoin roulette is almost as popular as the American one. Instead of having two zeros, there is only one on the wheels. The European roulette has 37 pockets, a lower house edge of 2.6% and higher winning odds than their European counterparts.

Other varieties of bitcoin roulette include French roulette, mini roulette, common draw roulette, Chinese roulette, 3D roulette, double ball roulette, multi-wheel roulette, and Rapid Roulette. You will find diverse roulette types across betting platforms when exploring. Choosing the best type of wheels depends on how well you know how to play them. You may do better in a double ball American roulette than a European version. It mostly depends on your expertise and luck.

Advantages of using Bitcoin to play roulette

Playing games with Bitcoin in a casino has several benefits it offers gamblers. One of those advantages is the volatility of Bitcoin. All cryptos, excluding Stablecoins, are highly volatile, which means the value can change at any time. That can be very advantageous to gamblers who use crypto to play games. If the coin value rises after they play, their winning automatically increases too.

Deposits and withdrawal of Bitcoin are super fast and straightforward too. All you need to do is transfer some Bitcoin into your gaming account to play. Whenever there is a need to withdraw, you only need your wallet address to transfer the funds into without any stress.

Funding and withdrawal from your gaming account do not require you to drop any personal information. That means your identity is well protected from third parties. People whose countries place any form of ban on crypto gambling will benefit, especially from this attribute of wagering with Bitcoin. You can keep placing bets without leaving any traces that reveal your identity.

When using Bitcoin to play roulette, you hardly need to pay any fees. Since cryptocurrency is Blockchain technology, the government or bank is not involved in the transaction process, which removes the likelihood of paying any regulatory fees. Even when there are charges, you would hardly notice the deduction because they are usually low.

Cons of playing live roulette Bitcoin

Playing live Bitcoin roulette with Bitcoin also has some drawbacks. The first one is the fluctuating market of Bitcoin. When the market value goes down, your winnings decrease if you haven’t exchanged the Bitcoin for a stable coin yet. Unless you are a seasoned Bitcoin trader, you should trade your crypto for a Stablecoin to maintain the value of the winnings.

Not all live Bitcoin roulette casinos have integrated the crypto payment options on their sites. That means you can face difficulties while trying to deposit or withdraw Bitcoin into and from your account. Select a good Bitcoin casino to prevent encountering such payment problems frequently.

The last major drawback of live Bitcoin roulette is the untraceable nature of crypto. Bitcoin is hardly traceable, making it an avenue for hackers to cart away with your winnings. That is why it is advisable to play your games on trusted Bitcoin sites to ensure the safety of the coins.

How to choose the best live Bitcoin roulette casino

Selecting the best live roulette Bitcoin site may be a hassle when you do not know the correct criteria to pick. However, considering the following factors should help you select the best Bitcoin roulette platform without stress;

  • Bitcoin casino authenticity

The license is the first thing you should check when choosing a live roulette bitcoin casino. Are they legal? While the gambling site may be legal, it may not have the authorization to use cryptocurrency yet. Some online casinos have only integrated Bitcoin and other coins as alternative wager options but have not acquired the license to operate. Ensure that any live Bitcoin casino roulette you choose is authentic and authorized to use coins.

  • Varieties of the roulette game

As explained earlier, there are various types of roulette games. If you are a versatile gambler, ensure that the site chosen has the roulette option that you prefer. That will give you choices to play any roulette game desired without opening accounts on various online casinos.

  • Alternative transaction methods

Sometimes, users encounter deposit and payment issues when gambling with Bitcoin on roulette casinos. Because of that, many casino owners ensure that there are other means for gamblers to bet. You should ensure that the site chosen has alternative payment options apart from bitcoin when there is any technical issue.

  • Active customer service

You need a support system to solve your problems, playing games on Bitcoin gambling sites. An absence of a responsive customer rep will leave you frustrated and unattended frequently. Therefore, you should ensure that whichever live roulette Bitcoin casino gets chosen has an active customer service that solves your problem effectively.

  • Reviews from site users

The flaws and strengths of a live Bitcoin roulette site are evident from reading feedback of previous and present users. Most customers take to the review platforms to tender their displeasure and satisfaction after using a company’s service or products. You can check out the feedback to determine whether or not to open an account with an online Bitcoin roulette casino.

  • Speedy deposit and payment

How fast can you make deposits and withdrawals from the gambling site? You need to ensure that the transaction speed of the live roulette Bitcoin site is fast enough. If not, you may spend more time waiting for your funds to reflect after making a deposit and requesting withdrawals. You can find out about the speed of the gambling platforms from reviews dropped by customers and gaming sites.

  • Attractive welcome deposit and regular promos

Almost every live Bitcoin roulette platform gives a welcome bonus to new users after their first deposit. However, some allow a higher percentage and better options than the other gambling sites. Ensure you compare the welcome tips and promo frequency of all the gambling sites under consideration before selecting one.

  • Fast site loading time

We all know how exhausting it is to wait on a website with a slow loading time. Most of us eventually leave the site, annoyed, to look for other available alternatives. You should ensure that the live Bitcoin casino selected does not have recurring site loading issues. Again, you can find out about that from customer reviews easily.


There are many types of live roulette Bitcoin games that you can play. Whether you win or not depends on your luck and expertise. You can select any Bitcoin casino from our list of top live roulette sites to play now.

Gamble responsibly!

FAQs on live roulette Bitcoin

  • What is Bitcoin roulette?

Roulette Bitcoin is just like the regular roulette game that you find in traditional and online casinos. The only difference is that you use Bitcoin to wager on Bitcoin roulette instead of cash.

  • Is Bitcoin roulette legal?

Yes. Roulette is one of the exciting games that many casinos offer their users. The gamblers, instead of using regular cash to wager, use Bitcoin. No one breaks any rules as Bitcoin is just a

form of payment. The only way Bitcoin roulette can be termed illegal is if your country does not allow gambling or the use of cryptocurrency.

  • Can I play roulette with Bitcoin?

Yes. Countless gambling sites now allow their users to choose Bitcoin as a wager or funding option. That means you are free to use Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency allowed to play roulette in the casino.

  • How do you play with Bitcoin on Roulette?

Gambling with Bitcoin when playing roulette is quite simple. All you have to do is have a Bitcoin wallet and fund your betting account with the appropriate amount. After doing that, you can easily wager, win, and withdraw your winnings smoothly.

  • What is the best live Bitcoin roulette?

That depends on your preference. There is no universal best live roulette Bitcoin. You would have to try your hands on as many as possible to determine which is your favorite.

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