Bitcoin Gambling

bitcoin gambling

Bitcoin gambling has become very popular today, and the degree of its popularity is 100% associated with the blockchain concept. Let’s look at the situation in more detail.

Bitcoin gambling vs online gambling

bitcoin gambling vs online gambilngBitcoin can be transferred via special addresses. Each address is a long sequence of letters and numbers, and transactions are almost always free.

As you can know, billing processing is the one of the most costly elements of online casino’s functioning. The player replenishes the game account through bank instruments or e-services, which leads to charging commission for service. Gaming sites often do not impose a service charge, but gambler should be prepared for similar situations and additional payments. In unregulated markets, the amount of deductions can reach 10%.

But even there is a site taking the costs of billing processing, the player will face tolls that eat some winnings. There are no similar problems with Bitcoin. In addition, it should be added that cryptocurrency transactions are always be finished within a few minutes, 24/7. This makes the gameplay more convenient.

Related benefit of Bitcoin gambling

Moreover: if in-game account replenishment (or funds withdrawal) using BTC does not require additional costs and commissions, it is advantageous for the casino to increase bonuses and promotional offers. So it does not lose anything for itself, but it can attract more users with, for example, generous no-deposit bonuses for registration. And this is a strong trust indicator.

Bitcoin gambling and state regulation issues

bitcoin gambling regulationThe next point: the lack of currency binding to governments and banks. Such decentralization provides freedom, and does not allow delays and possible arrests of funds, including for users from countries with restrictive legislation regarding online gambling in general.

And there are many such territories, and these are large countries with a rich playing potential: United States, Japan etc. For example, the US Department of Justice invests huge resources to find accounts of players-residents and block them. If Americans use Bitcoin, it can’t be blocked.


As you can see, today Bitcoin casinos provides a risk-free online game for all comers. If you appreciate security question for yourself, you should try to gamble in this format.

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