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Casino players dream of a 100% fair game. But not every popular casino game is capable of giving it to them. It’s not about cheating, but the original conditions, when the rules of the game are initially conceived to the gambling establishment advantage. These are the rules: the bitcoin casinos should work and bring income to the owner.

But there are also other casino entertainments, where everything depends totally on luck. And this means that the dealer and the player have equal conditions. Here, and pure excitement begins. This category includes all categories of dice games. Particularly beneficial for you will be Bitcoin dice game, because extra popular and valuable crypto currency gives the player freedom that real currencies can’t provide.

Notice that casinos still can take some money for each stake, but the randomness factor persists always.

Common info about Bitcoin dice game

btc diceWhen we start talking about casino dice games, most people mean playing craps. Craps is the most popular kind of dice games in casinos, web casinos and also most known Bitcoin dice game, but this is only one type of a common game category that includes the use of dice.

You know, what dice is. That are small cubes, each face is numbered with a certain number of points (points), from 1 to 6. In ancient times, they were made of bone, now preference is given to hard plastic. The game began about 4 thousand years ago in Ancient Egypt (the oldest found evidence is dated by this period). It is believed that the game invention is connected with ritual guessing on the animal bones. The goal of any dice game is to throw them (different number of dice in different games), score points, and collect winning combinations and so on. That is, dice games have a similar mechanics, but different rules. It’s no wonder that sometimes there is confusion in terms.

To clarify the situation immediately, craps is a game with two hexahedral bones for unlimited number of players. The game was invented in the 19th century in New Orleans (USA), but modern rules were drawn up in the early 20th century. The main task is to throw out 7 or 11 points in total, the exact rules are quite extensive. Here you need to bet on events (win, loss, and so on) to win.

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Today, there are several main types of craps but casinos play “craps for casinos” with a drawn field almost always. But there’s also exists less common yahtzee, farkle etc, all of that are also dice games.

Bitcoin dice game advantages

Bitcoin dice game preferences consist of both Bitcoin and dice play features. Bitcoin provides you full anonymity and data protection, along with the ability to play for money in any country, and dices provides you the effect of surprise and genuine excitement. Good game for you!

Bitcoin Casinos for Dice Game

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