Casinos That Take Bitcoin

Casino that take Bitcoins

Bitcoin caused skepticism a few years ago, when most people did not risk investing in it. A small period of time showed them wrong, when Bitcoin became almost the most discussed topic for talking in the world and the most valuable currency. Its innovative working principle with a number of advantages has justified everything, and today we are entering a new era of the global financial system development with Bitcoin and other new cryptocurrencies. And it could not do without the interest of online casinos to the valuable currency, because the blockchain concept brought them a number of working benefits (and players too). Today there are a lot of online casinos that take Bitcoin as the payment currency.

wallet bitcoinBitcoin casino story begins in 2008, when blockchain concept was declared for the first time. Actually, Bitcoin as the payment currency was born in 2009 and it costs those times miserable money in comparison with the current situation. The first payment for the goods and services for Bitcoin were made in 2010, and the mass currency usage started in 2013. That was the first wave of massive investment to Bitcoin that caused a mad rise of currency’s value.

It was at that time that the first gambling projects that took Bitcoin as a payment tool began to appear and closed quickly, because the mass user did not dare to try something new. Today the situation has changed radically, and there are many casinos that take Bitcoin today. Specificity is that the world of online gambling began to gradually move away from traditional currencies. Let’s see if this process will be moved to the end with some time.

What types of casinos that take Bitcoin exists?

There are two types today:

What is the benefit of playing for Bitcoin in online casino?

  • First of all, there are no centralized money management systems. There is no “higher power”, which has an impact on every payment of each ordinary user. This gives greater financial freedom to people and allows you to bypass the legal restrictions for online casinos that are accepted in a number of countries (USA, Japan, etc.). The peculiarity is that it is impossible to ban anything that is not formulated legislatively.
  • Money input and output through the casino takes minutes, which makes the gameplay more convenient and effective.
  • A minimum of commissions or their absence, which saves user’s money.
  • You can play web casino and retain full anonymity of your identity and personal data. Among other things, it allows you to protect yourself from the theft of your payment information by ill-wishers.
  • Casino can afford to set a comfortable minimum and maximum amount of replenishment for the player. In traditional online casinos there are weighty limitations for this issue.

bitcoin casino and card

List of Casinos that take Bitcoin

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